We’ve Moved to Here!

May 13, 2019

If you are a new reader, or just haven’t realized, we’ve migrated sites from blog.universalassets.net to techdibble.com. I believe that this will breathe new life into the site, and make it’s goal more clear. There are a number of reasons for doing so, but I’ll outline just a few.

The main reason is branding. I want to decouple the blog side of Universal Assets to it’s own separate site. This makes it clear that TechDibble (previously UA Blog) has a goal other than just spreading news related to Universal Assets.

Another somewhat related reason is discoverability. Instead of going to blog.universalassets.net (yuck!), you can now go to techdibble.com. No subdomains, no 20 letter long urls (and better SEO).

We hope that the new domain and branding will send a clear message to readers like you that we’re publishing high-quality, accurate tech related content.