Apple Launches Flipboard Competitor Apple News+

May 16, 2019

Similar to the baked-in android news platform Flipboard, Apple announced their new platform Apple News+. Apple says it will be focusing on the style of content delivery. But what separates Apple’s newly revised platform from it’s competitors?

“…featuring animated covers, vivid photography and bold typography optimized for iPhone, iPad and Mac. It makes reading articles even more fun, immersive and convenient.”

Apple Newsroom

Apple claims that it’s not just the content that’s important — it’s how it is displayed. And they do have some merit to their claims. No one is drawn in by a wall of text. Whether Apple News+ makes reading articles more convenient or not is negotiable. It comes down to what app is available to the user, and easiest to use. Since News+ comes pre-installed, it’s more than likely most consumers won’t venture far from the Apple-Curated news platform.

In their press release, Apple dropped important names in the news space like Vogue, National Geographic Magazine, People, ELLE, The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. All of these brands have partnered with Apple to publish their content to its platform.

Time will have to tell if News+ can compete with other competitors like Flipboard, who focus on the style of content delivery.