Game Development

5 Ways to Promote Your Game for Free

May 13, 2019

Let’s face it — you can make an awesome and unique game, but if no one sees it, no one will buy it. If you don’t already have a large presence on social media, or have traction through some other medium, you game might never take off. However, there are great ways you can promote your game for free. You can find fans and start making sales. Let’s consider 5 ways you can promote your game for free.

Shout It From The Rooftops

Just kidding. Don’t do that — people will think your crazy. Seriously though, getting people to see your content online is great, but people you know in the real world are often your first fans. So let your friends know about your game. If they like it (or you), they will share it with others.

You also have the perk of real life feedback. When your friends play your game they will most likely tell you what they think. You can use this feedback to make your game better down the road.

Social Media

By far, social media is one of the best ways to promote your game. People on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are looking for fresh content all the time, especially in the game dev niche. So setup a Facebook and Instagram account and post updates frequently. Make sure your posts are interesting — people don’t like to read boring material.

Over time you will find your following base increase organically. With just a little bit of time to screenshot, crop and upload, you will find more fans of your game. This in turn means more people who will want to buy your game.

Start a Blog

A blog is a great way to share your content in any form you like it. You aren’t limited by a platform’s restrictions on frequency or type of content (video, text, images etc).

Blogs work — your reading one right now. Get on Blogger, WordPress or any other from the vast multitude of blog hosting services. If you are wondering, we use an AWS instance and WordPress to deliver our blog. Personally, if you are into the DIY fashion and can spare a few dollars a month (like $2), than this is the best way to go. If you want a completely free blog that you can start right now, check out Google Blogger.


Posting videos is a great way to attract new fans. Making a video can take some time, but it’s free — and YouTube is too. Making a trailer, showing gameplay and time-lapse builds are good starting points for what type of content to upload to YouTube. Make sure to add links to your social media and blog page if you have them. This makes sure that people who are interested in your game can stay up-to-date on updates (even when you don’t make a video about it).

If you haven’t heard of it, is one of the most popular indie game platforms. What’s more, many popular game reviewers and game channels browse on That means you game could end up in someone’s video — which is great for exposure. They also host all your files for you as well as provide the option to make custom themes. Made an retro style 8-bit game? There is a theme for that. Made a futuristic RPG? Theme for that.

Even if your game is in the early stages, its great to make an early-access version and put it on Potential fans will see it and if they like it, they will follow you. Just make sure to link your Social Media/Blog/Youtube on the game page so people know where to go.

There you go, 5 ways to promote your game. Just remember that growth doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be consistent and patient to start seeing returns from these methods. But trust me, once they start paying off, the rewards will be worth it.