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5 Best Networking Tools for Unity 3D in 2018

May 13, 2019

Don’t want to spend your time writing low-level code for your online game? Here are 5 best networking tools you should be using in your online game.


Writing and maintaining web requests between your game and server can be a hassle. Best HTTP makes the process easier by providing an simple-to-use API. With Best HTTP you can do things like make HTTP requests (obviously), manage cookies, track upload and download status and use HTTPS. That last feature is very handy, as it is often a pain to build an HTTPS request framework from the ground up. Also, over 100 people have given Best HTTP a five-star review. The community has voted, and Best HTTP is clearly one of the best HTTP API’s you can get on the Asset Store. Check it out ->

Photon Unity Networking

More often referred to as “PUN”, this framework is drag-and-drop solution to making your game multiplayer. PUN has so much flexibility, you will almost surly never use all the features it offers. PUN works with any genre or type of game due to its flexibility. With Photon Unity Networking you don’t have to worry about hosting your game — PUN  cloud does it for you. Their servers have great uptime and when you buy PUN you get a 100 concurrent users plan for free. That means you can have up to 100 players online at the same time when you buy PUN. They also offer high-volume plans of 1000+ concurrent users. And there is a reason PUN is the best multiplayer plugin — many top indie games use PUN as their framework and hosting service. You can see some of the games that implement PUN on their Asset Store page, like Robocraft and Exploding Kittens. Check it out ->

Master Server Kit

Want to host your own game instead? Master Server Kit lets you do just that. It integrates seamlessly with the networking API built into Unity. It also has a suite of security features including authentication and player registration. Along with the API, all source code is included so you can customize even the low-level features of Master Server Kit. You can also setup features like load balancing and SQL database integration. If you want to host your own game, than Master Server Kit is the way to go. Check it out ->


SocketIO for Native and WebGL builds, or SocketIO for short, allows a client to connect to a Socket IO server. It’s as simple as that. The API along with the source code will allow a client to send data to and from a Socket IO server. Check it out ->


Have you noticed that Unity doesn’t offer a built-in solution for web browsing? WWebView fixes that. You can display web content (HTML, CSS, Javascript), no hassle. You can also do things like render to texture and have a custom url scheme. It basically acts as web browser for your game — a highly customizable one at that. Check it out ->

That rounds out our list of the top 5 networking tools for Unity, and I hope you enjoyed reading!