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3 Best Low-Poly Assets To Jump-Start Your Voxel Styled Game in 2018

May 13, 2019

Have you wanted to make a low-poly themed game, but felt daunted by the thought of it? Or, have you been overwhelmed with creating models? Fear not, because here are 3 best low-poly assets to jump-start your low poly game (while not breaking your budget).

Low Poly City

What game would be complete without a world to play in? Low Poly City features over 180 prefabs. All models are of great quality, and in a consistent art style. These models can also ‘snap’ together to make creating maps — both by hand and procedurally — easier. The price is very low for the content, making this the best value out of all these assets.

Check it out on the Asset Store: Low Poly City

Snap to Grid 

You will find yourself pulling your hair out trying to transform map objects manually, especially in large maps. Fear not, Snap to Grid is here to help. Snap to Grid does exactly what you think it would — snap objects to a grid. You can customize the size of your grid, as well as view a grid outline. This tool works great with the first asset mentioned above, Low Poly City. For just $9, you can save yourself the headache of manually moving objects around.

Check it out on the Asset Store: Snap to Grid

Inventory Engine

Most genres of games need an inventory system of some sort — so chances are you will need one too. Inventory Engine is a powerful tool to create and manage inventory systems. If all you need is a simple 5-slot inventory, no problem. If you need an advanced system with stackable items and swapping, Inventory Engine has got you covered. You can configure GUI’s, make items, and create hotbars all in one place. It’s competitive pricing means there is no reason not to give it a try!

Check it out on the Asset Store: Inventory Engine

So that rounds up our list on the 3 best assets for making a low-poly, voxel themed game. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!