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TCP/IP Basics for Unity Developers

For many, IP is one of the things you can just grasp the basics of and make it through life. However, if you want to build a multiplayer game, more than the basic knowledge of TCP/IP and its protocols is needed. Don’t let the big acronyms scare you — IP is a logically organized standard. […]

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How-To's | Unity 3D

How to Fix Blurry Sprites in Unity 3D

So, you load your sprite into the unity editor. You drop it into a scene to start animating, but something looks wrong — it’s all blurry! You may have seen what i’m talking about in the picture below. Frustrating, right? Well you will be glad to hear the answer is simple. The most likely cause […]

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Assets | Unity 3D

5 Best Networking Tools for Unity 3D in 2018

Don’t want to spend your time writing low-level code for your online game? Here are 5 best networking tools you should be using in your online game. Best HTTP Writing and maintaining web requests between your game and server can be a hassle. Best HTTP makes the process easier by providing an simple-to-use API. With […]

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Networking | Ten Second Tech


First, let’s break down the two acronyms. TCP means Transmission Control Protocol; UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol. Similarities Both TCP and UDP are protocols for data transmission. They set rules for how data is sent between two devices. Bother are on layer four of the OSI model. Differences TCP works like I do when […]

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